10 Facebook Advertising Tips that You Need to Know in 2021

March 8, 2021

When we talk about social media, Facebook has always been part of our daily routine. Facebook connects more people than any other social media site does, which makes brands and companies rethink about their marketing strategies. 

According to the latest research from Statista, Facebook has roughly reached 2.8 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2020, which undeniably makes it the biggest social network worldwide. 

It’s significant that businesses and marketers stay updated with the Facebook Advertising trends in order to make the most out of the marketing scenarios. We are going to share 10 Facebook Advertising Tips that you need to know to better optimize your campaigns and capture stronger results in order to maximize your ROI. 

1. Use Video Format 

Video ads on Facebook outperform the classic image ads or other ad formats. People love watching videos more than reading them, it is somehow understandable as we all go on social media just for a quick scroll and it’s not meant for something serious. 

Educating your audience about your services or products can be really effective for establishing your brand expertise. Customer testimonial videos and product demo videos can work well in various industries, of course, there are always exceptions too. 

Short and engaging videos tend to catch the audience's attention as well. 

2. Choose the right Objective

As we know, Facebook Advertising has different campaign objectives to determine how Facebook runs your campaign. Reconsidering your social media marketing objectives and select the option that best fits your business and marketing criteria. 

Facebook campaign objectives are broken down into 3 main areas which are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. 

For example:

  • Choose the Reach objective to build up your Brand Awareness, let people know about your brand
  • Choose the Traffic objective to drive people to your website or landing page
  • Choose the Conversions objective to collect customer leads & details and acquire sales

3. Conduct A/B testing

Come out with multiple copies or visuals to conduct A/B testing to measure the changes and effectiveness of your ads. A/B testing provides you a clearer impact on the conversions and makes you prioritize what to do in the future. The data and results are given to support the changes that need to be made.

Conducting A/B testing can also improve users’ overall experience and increase conversion rates. 

4. Install Facebook Pixel and make full use of it

Facebook Pixel could be one of the most important tips by running a Facebook campaign to drive traffic. Installing Facebook Pixel on your website is completely simple and almost effortless!

With that being installed, you are able to track the actions that the audience made on your website and you can use it for retargeting purposes. According to Adweek, retargeting website visitors who have already made contact with your brand can boost ad response by up to 400%! Customers are more likely to get attracted to something that they are familiar with - especially if they just recently came across to it.

Advertisers and marketers are using Facebook Pixel, but a lot of them have simply just installed it without making full use of it. It does provide valuable data but it still requires manual setup for you to track and determine the CPA of the campaigns. 

Adding events on it may be a great help for it, especially on the thank you page. It allows you to determine your cost per lead and see which targeting method or campaigns work the best by delivering the best results. It helps you optimize your campaigns easily and plan on your ad budget properly.

5. Create and Target Custom Audiences

Using custom audiences can make a stronger connection with the people who have already visited your website, has an interest in your online stores and your existing customers. 

Targeting these warm audiences always delivers a better result compared to advertising to cold audiences which is a new group of people. If you are planning to do a retargeting, it is best to get as specific as possible on the promotions that you are offering and according to the actions that they have taken. 

6. Use Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are basically the advertisers’ favourite! It can help you to reach out and connect with people who are likely to be interested in your promotions. Advertising to people that have similar characteristics but represent a new segment of potential customers is incredibly effective!

Do note that you will need at least 100 people in your source of the audience in order to create a lookalike audience. 

7. Layered Targeting with Facebook Behaviors, Interests & Demographics

Layered targeting is basically making your audience as specific as possible, which let them think that they are being cyberstalked! However, it’s actually an effective way to speak directly with the targeted message. 

  • Behaviours: reach users based on purchase intentions, behaviors, device usages, and more
  • Interests: reach users by looking at their interests, pages they liked, activities, and related topics
  • Demographics: reach users by age, gender, location, language, relationship status, and more 

Do note that the CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) could be slightly higher but if this action can be done correctly, layered targeting can be the most effective way to acquire sales and leads.

8. Generate Social Proof

Social Proof is one of the ways to build brand trust and acquire trustworthiness for your business. Audiences can see the reactions under the post, including likes, shares and comments. 

Ads with a lot of social proof generate better results than the one without. Why? Social Proof comes from customers, these voices tend to carry more weight than any other messages from the brand itself. 

9. Importance of a Good Design + CTA

The right graphic can attract good attention and increase the possibility that the audience will purchase the product. The use of graphic design plays an essential role in getting the attention of the public. 

A good design should have included a clear message, Unique Selling Point (USP), Call to Action (CTA), promotions or even social proof.  

Good images draw people’s attention and convince them to click in. An effective CTA let the audience clearly understand what they are supposed to do and what they are getting. 

Customers actually want and expect to see the CTA. Many people depend on the CTA button to take the next step, they are interested in your brand and want to know what to do next. It’s easier for both parties, easy for customers to do what you want them to do, good for them and good for your business. 

10. Provide something FREE or complimentary services

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff right? Promotions like discounts, bundle offers could lower down the worth of your brand, while a gift or something complimentary adds value to it. Customers feel there is more value in the purchase therefore they are more likely to convert. 

Brands can also do it with a gift-with-purchase only offered if the customer buys a given number of items or a certain product. For example, “You’ll receive a FREE mystery gift when you spend more than $500.” 

Remember it has to have a value in it in order for the customers to talk about your brand and the products that you offered. Providing something FREE is one of the most effective ways to collect leads. 

Have you learned something new today? Facebook is really a good platform for businesses to grow their brand awareness, acquire new customers and build a good relationship with them. Implementing these 10 Tips to your marketing plan and strategy will definitely help you handle digital campaigns at ease! 

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