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We’ve trained marketers & founders from all kinds of companies, B2C Companies, B2B companies, mobile Apps, corporates, startups & local services. Each of them grows through its specialized journey.

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Unit 1.
Introduction to Growth
  • How a startup did marketing, before growth hacking?
  • How growth hacking disrupted startups
  • Modern evolution of growth
Unit 2.
Growth fundamentals & methodologies
  • Defining north star metrics & growth metrics
  • Deepdive into mini-metrics
  • Introduction to growth loop & multipliers
Unit 3.
Growth Analytics
  • Setting up metrics, tracking plan for your startup
  • Introducing 3rd parties analytics tools (e.g. Mixpanel / Google Analytics)
  • How to turn data into actionable insights
Unit 4.
Growth Process & Running Experiments
  • How to build up a hyper loop process to run experiments
  • Mentality on experimentation
  • How to evaluate, predict & analyze A/B tests
Unit 5.
Experimentation Deepdive
  • Experimentation research - how to spot potential experiment opportunities
  • How to properly design a MVP for your experiment
  • Writing an experimentation requirement document
  • Introducing Chi Squared test, Power Analysis
Unit 6.
User Experience, User Psychology & User Research
  • How to pair customer experience & growth together
  • How to understand users deeper to design better growth experiments
  • Learning about designing user research sprint
Unit 7.
Acquisition Strategy
  • Modern growth strategies on acquisition
  • Applying growth loop into acquisition
  • How to create a balanced strategy on acquisition channels
  • Case studies on formulating paid strategy
Unit 8.
Retention & Monetization Strategy
  • Importance of retention & churn management
  • How to drive retention strategy
  • Customer Lifetime Value introduction
  • Defining your users’ lifecycle and create CRM plan
Unit 9.
Building Growth Stacks, Careers, Being 1st Growth in Company, Trends
  • As final unit, we will be focusing on practical to-do when heading back to your company and drive growth
  • How to create a growth stack (in house and 3rd party)
  • What career path a growth hacker could expect
  • As the 1st growth person, what you should do to pitch the management
  • What’s the latest trend in growth nowadays

The Corporate Gap is Growing...

To adapt to the rapid-changing digital world, businesses possessing a growth mindset would gain a huge competitive advantage than those who don’t. Even Fortune 100 & 500 companies e.g. PepsiCo, McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson scrapped the CMO position and replaced it with MarTech positions.

Do you know?
of companies don't make data-driven marketing decisions
Source: Data-Driven Marketing
Do you know?
Startup growth is all about 10x, rather than 10%
Source: Growth Manager in unicorn startup
Do you know?
83% of marketers don't use landing page A/B tests to improve conversion rates.
Source: Hubspot

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