Zero to Hero eCommerce Course

Jumpstart Your eCommerce Business in 6 Weeks

- Joey Li | ex-Microsoft, ex-Sony
- Ruby Chan | ex-Marketing Manager at Dyson

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In this 6-week, you will...

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Develop an effective media strategy and an effective budget split

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Build a good content plan across customer journeys

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Create Go-to-Market strategy with the right TA, messaging and actions built

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Run customer lifetime cycle (CRM) tactics and learn the Dos & Don'ts

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Learn the 'Golden Rules' to run an online store, marketplace & E-retail

Should I apply?

This course is RIGHT for you if...

  • You are an in house marketer who wants to drive online sales and achieve high level of key performance indicator
  • You are an agency marketer who wants to switch to ecommerce without any knowledge and experience
  • You are an aspiring business owner & entrepreneur who wish to turn passion into profitable endeavour

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You are an eCommerce expert with more than 3 years experience - there would be significant overlap
  • You don't believe eCommerce can bring a good customer experience and better return to your business
  • You are not curious about sales innovations and have zero interesting in starting an online business

About the Trainers

Joey GMA Trainer

Joey Li
ex-Microsoft, ex-Sony

Joey Li is the Co-Founder & Marketing and Operations Director at Wardrobista who has 10+ years of experience majoring in B2B & B2C sales and marketing. She worked across Microsoft HK, Greater China, Asia and worked closely with the headquarters team as the Go-To-Market Lead  in charge of the channel marketing strategies. She was also a marketer at Sony to manage advertisement & e-commerce campaigns. Coupled up with her experiences, Joey has branch out to owning a fashion rental company since 2017.

Ruby GMA Trainer

Ruby Chan

Ruby Chan is the Founder of Honeybee Floral who has 10+ years of experience in eCommerce and previously worked with top-tier MNC companies including Sony and Dyson. Prior establishing on her own, she was the ex-marketing manager at Dyson covering Hong Kong and Taiwan. She possesses well-rounded experience skills such as 360 degree NPD launch, GTM strategy, content creation and business strategy. Ruby believes managing a business is more than selling a product, the winning tips is by knowing  the market’s needs with the right contents. 

Learner Review & Feedback

Kinni GMA Alumni

"It was my first taking a test for a job interview and I was very nervous to create an online promotion plan. Luckily, I had the idea to apply the Go-to-Market Strategy taught by a trainer from Dyson and it left a good impression to my interviewer. Finally, I was lucky that YOOX NET-A-PORTER accepted me!"

Kinni | Performance Marketing Specialist, YOOX-Net-a-Porter Group

Our Alumni Are From...

Through Growth & Achievement

Demonstrate new skills on LinkedIn when you graduate with an e-Certificate upon 100% of completion of the program

GMA Certificate


Lesson 1: E-Commerce Business Model
  • Revenue Model, Payment Systems, Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Key points to note if you want to transform your offline business to online B2B and B2C
  • Identify your store propositions before you start your business
Lesson 2: How to run on 3rd party online platform?
  • Difference Between Marketplace & Online Retailers Pros & Cons
  • How to run on online retailers and marketplace: Operation Model, Margin Discussion, P&L Planning, Advertising & Promotion Planning
  • Case Sharing:
    "Top tips to run a successful store on Marketplace" by Ms Candace Cheung, the Ex-Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, HK & Merchandising, APAC, eBay  
Lesson 3: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing & New Way of Selling
  • How to drive incremental revenue through CRM
  • New way of selling: Social Commerce, Live Commerce and Affiliates 
Lesson 4: Go-to-market strategy
  • Step-by-step GTM plan: Pre-launch, Launch & Post-launch 
  • Best practice sharing for top e-commerce players 
Lesson 5: Media Strategy
  • Know your digital media channels: Paid / Non-Paid Channels
  • Determine the best media mix with budget split strategy for your business
Lesson 6: Content Marketing
  • Best Practice of the Store Structure & Core Page Optimization
  • How to build a good PDP (Product Detail Page)
  • Successful factors of an e-Commerce website 
  • How to leverage your user-generated contents
  • Case Sharing:
    "Content Marketing Made Simple - Showcase by Sony" by Ms. Simois Ng, Head of Marketing Communications of Sony Corporations


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Onsite Learning: Tsim Sha Tsui*

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Are there any prerequisites for the Zero to Hero eCommerce course?

This course is suitable for people who do not have any knowledge in the eCommerce or have less than 2 years experience in the industry to avoid a huge overlap with our curriculum so that you will gain the most out of our course.

Can I work full-time while participating in the course?

Yes! The course is designed for busy professionals just like you with a full-time work commitment. 

The course will be held on Wednesday & Thursday evening and students are expected to complete the course in 6 weeks with 2.5 hours per session. You will also be given time to do home exercises outside of class hours each week. If you miss a session or two, GMA offers online recording videos to help you catch up.

What is the language and format of the class?

The powerpoint slides will be in English, while the course of the class would depend on the majority and it is usually held in Cantonese depending on the student preference on-site.

What is the payment method?

You will be lead to a checkout page connecting to an online payment process after clicking the signing up button for the course

Will you provide a cert and other resources after the course?

Yes, GMA will provide a certificate when a student successfully completes the 6 weeks course. We will be providing you the powerpoint slides, checklist and templates from the curriculum and it will also be hosted on our online platform for your lifetime access.

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