Let's find out how our participants applied
growth marketing knowledge in the bootcamp!

How our participants got $16k donation by $4k ad budget within only 3 weeks?

How our participants achieve 18K sales in 11 days after bootcamp?

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What's included in your eBook


A breakdown of our participants journey in Growth Marketing Bootcamp, in which they have to grow the business of our business partner from copywriting, ads management, use of marketing tools, and optimisation.


Growth Mindset - the core concept of growth marketing - AARRR funnel. Without having to attend our lessons, you can learn about what is the importance of this funnel and how our participants achieve business growth with this concept.


Background of our participants - we will briefly introduce what are the backgrounds of each team. Although they have delivered impressive results, many of them were once laymen of growth marketing, this enables you to know your suitability to growth marketing.


Real examples of their works - screenshots of their ads, social media feeds, and landing page are provided in the e-book, so you know what it is like to have a ‘engaging ad copy’, ‘conversion-driven landing page’, and ‘click-bait EDM‘.

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