Growth Marketing from scratch! YOOX NET-A-PORTER -Performance marketing specialist on her 2-month journey

April 6, 2020

Thank you Kinny for accepting our interview, could you share with us your background prior to attending our Growth Marketing Bootcamp?

"After graduating from university, I aspired to a career in Performance Marketing. So I joined a Hong Kong and Singapore based inter-country startup in my first job. The company focused on providing recruiting and brand promotion services to tourism businesses."

"Working there was pretty stress-free and they allowed me to explore by myself. However, I only had a degree in Hotel Management at the time and had essentially no knowledge of marketing. I didn’t even know about the basic tools such as google ads and SEO."

Why did you want to participate in our Growth Marketing Bootcamp?

"As my previous company was a relatively small company with only around 10 colleagues, I and one other colleague were responsible for most of the marketing. Although my co-worker was 1-2 years older than me, he did not have any marketing background so a lot of our knowledge of marketing was from a variety of online courses and online information. "

"I got a bit lost teaching myself with online resources. I was able to learn how to use Google Ads, SEO etc. tools but was not able to develop a core strategy that could grow our company. Coincidentally I came across the concept of Growth Marketing at this time. The ads I saw of GMA were an exact description of my situation. I found that the course was very suitable for me so after taking a look at their course curriculum, I decided to join. "

We heard that 2 months after you joined our Bootcamp, you apply to be a performance marketer at a large international corporation YOOX NET-A-PORTER. Could you share with us the process? 

"After completing the Bootcamp, I had a much stronger foundation on the concepts of digital marketing and growth marketing. More importantly, I had a deeper and stronger understanding of this field of work. "

"Facing an array of different vacancies on the job market, the type of work I wanted was clear to me.I was able to understand which jobs I was qualified for and would excel in, this greatly reduced uncertainties during job-hunting and saved time worrying about having to explore."

"I was sure that I wanted to try working in the E-commerce field, although my previous job was unrelated to e-commerce, once I read the job description I immediately applied."

Were there any difficulties you came across during the interview process? How did you overcome being nervous and get the offer?

"Before the interview, I knew that the company’s team also had a Growth Marketing mindset, so I was able to easily answer most of the questions in the interview. Unexpectedly, after the initial interview, there was a paper test on how to allocate one month’s advertising budget in a proposal. At the time I was extremely nervous because I had never done a paper test like this one before."

"Luckily I thought of the Bootcamp and remembered a trainer who worked at Dyson who taught us about go-to-market strategy and got inspiration. I used it as the framework for my proposal. This gave the interviewer a good impression and luckily they accepted me."

What would you want to say to someone who wants to be a growth marketer?

"I think there is no universal formula for becoming a perfect Growth Marketer. Different companies need different Growth Hacks. So what’s important is to believe in data and experiment in making decisions."

"From Kinni’s sharing, we can find that having no marketing background is not an obstacle to becoming a marketer. The key to being hired as a marketer is if you are able to adopt and utilize a marketing mindset to strategize successful campaigns. "

"As a growth marketer, a data-driven mindset, spirit of experimentation and iteration is important. These skill sets are attained from hands-on experience rather than just learning in courses. If you are curious about the Growth Marketing Bootcamp she mentioned, you can click here to get more information."