Guest Posting: Top 10 Creative Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

February 3, 2022

There’s no doubt that the internet is here to stay, and the digital world will replace the real one. Hence, as a business owner or a marketing agent, the faster you acclimatize yourself to this cyberspace, the lesser are the chances of your company being wiped out of competition.  

Video ads are taking the world by storm since they are easier to recall and convey most information. With so many video-making apps and tools, creating a marketing video is a cakewalk. Using remarkable templates, effects, filters and a professional online video editor, spectacular marketing videos can be produced. Video marketing statistics suggest the following:

  • 2022 will see online videos contributing to 82% of cyber traffic. 
  • 54% of viewers want to see more video ads from the brands. 
  • Video ads influence 94% of the customers on their purchase decision. 
  • 82% of viewers would prefer watching live videos to print and photos. 
  • 55% of people watch online videos every day.
  • 86% of companies rely on video marketing. 
  • 94% of businesses claim that videos help in better understanding of the product. 
  • 81% of video marketers claim that this method has helped boost their sales.
  • According to 93% of businesses, video marketing has enhanced brand awareness. 
  • 79% of enterprises that have not tried video marketing intend to start this year.

If you haven’t set your foot into the world of video marketing yet, now is the time to explore this realm. There are several types of marketing videos you can create, from informative to more personal kinds, including testimonials and behind-the-scenes videos. Here are some creative ideas to produce captivating marketing videos for your business.

1. The Informative Video:

These videos tell you about the product or the service in detail, with step-by-step instructions on how to use it. They come in handy, especially in the case of a service, and often include ‘hacks’ to fix problems. Most viewers are here for the training part and usually come up with queries too. These videos help to gain the trust of the viewer, who finally decides to purchase the product.

2. Brand Promotion Video:

These are typical TV commercials that have found their way through the digital space and are gaining popularity every day.  A catchy story with fun graphics and an unfading face should do the trick here. With so many brands available in the market, your customer might not remember the name of the brand, but he/she surely will be able to recall and connect with the essence of the ad. These ads should be short and sweet, lasting as long as the viewer's patience, preferably not more than a minute long.

3. Event Videos:

Event videos are the best to drive traffic. Most of us suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and like to be present when there is something important happening. A music event, a talk show, or even an author meet can be hosted online to get the word across about your company. These events end up having huge turnouts, thanks to the sharing option on social media platforms.

4. Testimonial Videos:

Testimonials are a genuine and organic way to spread the word about your product through your customers. A potential buyer will be all ears when a customer who has already purchased the product sings praises about it. Honest feedback from the existing customers will convince and attract more buyers.  This can be done during an event or a launch of a new product. By asking the existing clients to be in your video ad, you make them feel important, thereby earning more loyalty points.

5. Behind-the-scenes Videos:

The audience is always looking for something out of the ordinary, something unique in video ads. Ads with people in their natural disposition, while they are working, will display their craftsmanship. Stories from office picnics, Christmas parties, or regular office hours will also work for these videos. The audience feels a better connection with the company and gets a thorough understanding of how processes work. It also manifests a human touch to the product.

6. DIY (Do It Yourself) Videos:

When you turn a product or a service into a creative sensation, the world at large tunes in to watch it. You could get a professional or a local celebrity to do a DIY video for your brand. For example, a celebrity endorsing a make-up brand can take the audience through a personal make-up session; a denim company can show ways to revamp an old pair of jeans in the most creative ways; so on and so forth.

7. Webinar Videos:

These are formal online events where a speaker talks about a particular topic through a presentation. What makes these webinars interesting is that the speaker interacts with the audience, making the event lively and interesting. People all over the world can be invited for webinars, and the session can be recorded and sent to the attendees as well.

8. Vlogs:

This brilliant mix of a blog and a video, known for its informal format,  is not something we expect from a business firm. However, many companies have been thriving on vlogs to up their marketing game. Vlogs could convey the same amount of information in the blog without the viewer losing patience over the content. This presentation gives you creative independence to cross boundaries and reach the audience.

9. Trailer Videos:

Trailer videos give the viewers a sneak peek into a pre-planned event or a launch. These videos evoke curiosity in the audience, ensuring that they turn up for the event. The viewers also share it amongst their peers leading to a grand turnout. They are short and sweet, with enough content to capture the audience's interest. Use the best online video trimmer to clip unwanted parts and keep only the relevant matter in the trailer video.

10. Q & A Videos:

An outlet for their queries, that’s just what the audience needs. It can be conducted like a talk show or an interview with two people; one of them acting as the anchor and throwing the questions and the other person answering them. The questions can be collected beforehand through email or social media posting. A better option would be to stream it live, which will rope in online users seeking more knowledge about the product, giving an impression that you genuinely care about the customers and wish to solve their problems, not just merely interested in sales.


We hope the above-mentioned video marketing ideas help your firm grow and prosper. If you have not invested in video marketing as yet, it’s time to step on that pedal and take your business to incredible heights.