Become a master of data-the most important marketing techniques of the managerial staff in SCMP

March 30, 2020

Tommy is a managerial staff member of data analysis in the large enterprise SCMP. Facing an abundance of data and information, he also needs newer and more efficient analytics tools to design better marketing strategies for the company.

He shares with us how to learn the latest marketing concepts, from establishing effective Landing Pages and “persona,”to rewriting traditional rigid online marketing methods, in conjunction with the concept of 'growth marketing' to bring even more growth!

Hi Tommy, welcome to Growth Marketer Academy and thank you for accepting our interview. Could you please introduce your current working background and content first?

"I am currently the Assistant Manager in Data at SCMP. My job is just like my title, it's all about 'data', I need to process all kinds of data, and then report to various departments in the company on the reference value of it."
"This includes our marketing, sales, execution and merchandise departments so they have sufficient data supporting further business strategies. Although I am in charge of data analysis, I was a management consultant responsible for analyzing consumers. That is roughly my background."

What made you decide to join the bootcamp?

"As I just mentioned, I work closely with the company's products and marketing. We meet on a weekly and monthly basis. I need to provide analysis and suggestions to clients from all aspects."

"Therefore, the key problem at present is I am not sure how I can use the collected data, and how it can be translated into feasible suggestions, so that all customers can have a better user experience. Rather than showing a bunch of data, or explaining the collection process."

"I believe that the courses of the growth marketing bootcamp had helped me gain a deeper understanding of 'growth marketing' so as to be able to produce more informed and practical suggestions."

Can you share with us what you think is the most rewarding course in the bootcamp? For example, a mentor or topic that was very inspirational to you?

"I would say Vincent, Senior Product Manager from KLOOK. As we all know, KLOOK is a startup in the online travel industry. As a product manager, he used a lot of growth marketing concepts in the management process, including the basic 'conversion funnel', 'acquisition' and 'user retention'."

"Throughout the lesson, he gave us a lot of valuable opinions, so we can effectively build our own strategy. He shared a lot of A / B testing experience, as well as various do's and don'ts. He was able to show us how to keep growing like KLOOK."

I understand that Vincent has shared a lot of valuable opinions with you so that you can apply it to your work. Can you share the strategies you made during the last 12 weeks of bootcamp?

"My team project is an APP called 'Babydating'. Don't get the name wrong as it has nothing to do with  'dating' or 'baby'. It is actually a matching application that connects different parents so their children could play together."

"Most parents in Hong Kong only have one or two children, so they do not have many playmates during childhood. This is why we need 'Babydating' to connect parents together to bring their children together to play with others. This is the background of our project."

You said that the target audience is parents in Hong Kong, and you have defined a specific type of parents (those with only one or two children). How do you approach the users? Do you use Facebook, Google, Youtube or KOL?

"To reach parents and customers, we first build a 'persona' that would possibly be interested in the Babydating app. Through in-depth interviews and collecting information, we found that there are two effective user models - one are newbie moms, and the other are working moms. Both types of users have very busy lives or do not have a deep understanding of how to nurture their children yet. "

"After building these two user models, we tried to reach them via  Facebook. We did consider using SEM or Google ads, but we found that Facebook is more effective and feasible."

"It must be noted that Facebook allows multimedia communication methods, unlike Google or GND (Google Display Network), but is dominated by videos and groups. We believe that Facebook is a good way to reach customers, using it to establish a primary acquisition channel with Facebook ads, instead of asking people to download our App directly."

Growth marketing encourage A/B testing in every section of CRM. How “Badydating” applied this concept and what is the significant result?

"Our group has established two different methods, first is that when you click on a Facebook ad, you will immediately be brought to Google Play or App Store. Another way is that we direct them to the landing page, educate the potential customers on what value they can obtain from Babydating, and then direct them to Google Play or App Store."

"In the end, we found that, compared to simply bringing users to download the application, the latter's marketing method which leverage the landing page to educate users before driving them to AppStore was more effective."

"The idea to build a landing page also came from the bootcamp. We use a great landing page to explain the product to potential users, and not just "hard sell" them to download the application."

I think you benefited a lot from the bootcamp. One last question, how would you rate our bootcamp? Would you recommend our bootcamp to others who are interested in growth marketing or who want to make a career change?

"I would definitely recommend your bootcamp, especially for those who are currently in the marketing industry. The world is changing, and growth marketing will undoubtedly become increasingly important in the coming years."

"For those who are still working in traditional marketing or online marketing, they should also start to apply more growth marketing concepts and theories, instead of only pursuing "Pay Per Click" (PPC), "Cost Per Click "(CPC). These will continue to work, but they will not allow you or your company to grow exponentially in the coming years. "

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